Guide 2

Craft CMS is intuitive. Marketing plans and organizational workflows—not so much. Guide lets you create a user manual within Craft CMS so clients don‘t need to go far to get the answers they need.

Guide 2 for Craft CMS 3

Guide is made up of two parts:

The license fee for the PRO edition this plugin is $49 via the Craft Plugin Store. A LITE edition is offered for free.

Guide in the Control Panel


  • This plugin requires Craft CMS 3.5 or later.
  • A browser that support CSS Grid Layout and CSS Custom Properties.


The PRO edition of Guide allows developers and authors to collaborate by creating guides placed throughout the CP, using components and the Guide Editor.

The LITE edition is offered for developers who prefer to write their own guide templates and to display them in the Guide CP section.

Guide’s edition can be upgraded to PRO at any time.