Upgrading Guide

Upgrading from Craft 3 to Craft 4

  • Change any use of the filter tag (mostly in {% filter markdown('gfm') %}) to the apply tag.
    • All component snippets have been updated to use the filter tag.

Upgrading from Guide 2 to Guide 3 in Craft 3

Templates built for Guide 2 will mostly be compatible, however, Guide 3 introduces some breaking changes. Here are some things that need to be updated to convert a Guide 2 template for Guide 3:

  • All guides in Guide 3 are based in the Twig format. Markdown guides from Guide 2 should be wrapped in a {% apply markdown('gfm') %} twig tag, like this:
    {% apply markdown('gfm') %}
    ## Heading
    {% endapply %}
  • There is currently no migration for Organizer data from Guide 2 to Guide 3. All guides will be available in the Organizer and can be dragged to the desired Craft CP area.
  • Existing Guide UI elements, managed through the Craft Field Layout Designer, have been replaced with a new UI element class. Craft doesn’t automatically remove old UI elements, so existing Guide UI elements need to be replaced.
    The new Guide UI elements no longer require you to select a guide in an environment that allows for admin changes 🎉
  • Rebrand styles have been removed in Guide 3 and guide components have minimal styling so they fit in better with Craft’s default stylesheet. A subset of Tailwind-based utility classes have been added and are discoverable through the Guide Editor so you can lay out your guide content.
  • Per-guide permissions have been removed. Use Craft’s user permission check to determine who should view sensitive guide information.
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